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Summer is coming to an end and we are gearing up for a very busy new school year!  Classes are filling up so make sure you get signed up in the class you prefer before the 1st of each month.  Payment holds your place for only that session (4 weeks), so be sure to stop by the front desk or contact us to pay and hold your place in class for the next session.  We can take payments over the phone with a credit card and we also have an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) program that automatically deducts tuition amount on the 1st of each month.  If you wish to terminate the EFT at any time, just contact us prior to the 1st. If termination is requested after the EFT has been processed, a $10.00 administrative fee is deducted to recover any cost to us.

5TH WEEK POLICY-  Several times a year a 5th week will fall on the day that you are signed up in.  You are never charged for that week and we still hold class whenever possible.  If we close or you miss a week during the session you are only guaranteed 4 classes in that session, the make-up policy does not apply for a 5th week. 

Please visit our website , often for closings, changes and updates. The following dates are posted for the rest of 2017 and the start of 2018 and are subject to change:






PRIVATE LESSONS -  Private lessons were designed to give a little extra help on a certain desired skill and were never meant to be prolonged Private Classes so, effective immediately, Private Lessons are limited to 2-4 weeks at the coaches availability. This allows time slots to open up for others to get a few Private Lessons when needed.  We have several Programs designed for continued instruction.  This also helps Madi and the instructors time to observe and  work with other students in all programs. All arrangements for PL’s must be made through Madi and or the front desk and not directly with other instructors.

MAKE-UP POLICY – When a class is missed, you can take a make-up class in the identical class offered at a different time than the one you are signed-up in.  Make-ups can not be taken in a session you are not signed up (paid) for.  You will receive an Open Gym Pass for any classes missed if you are not returning for the next session.  Missed classes are not “rolled over” into the next session for credit.  A 4 week commitment tuition is due each session on or before the 1st of the month.

RETURN POLICY – Should you need to take a session/s off and want to return at a later time, a 4 week tuition is due no matter when you return.  If a session has already begun, you can take make-up classes or receive an Open Gym pass for each class missed.  Proration is not an option for return, it is a new member sign-up promo only. 

Recreational Cheer is now Cheer Tumbling!  Our cheer director is working hard to offer the best opportunities for all involved and interested in Cheer.  Visit our website for a full description of Cheer Tumbling!  Our Cheer Team program has begun and we are working on continued growth, so spread the word to your friends and family that All-Star Academy is building competitive Cheer Teams with Cheer Director and Coach Brooke Riesenbeck. An Open House is scheduled for October 1st, 2017 from 5:00-6:30. Come join us! And bring a friend/s!

Have you seen the new class boards?! We understand that sometimes it is not clear what your athlete is working on, so we have added class info boards on the wall over the cubbies.  Lesson plans are changed every 2 weeks and these boards should help you understand what they are working on and be able to talk with them about the class and their goals and progress. 

November 1, 2016 seems like just a short time ago but are we in our 10th month and approaching our 1st year anniversary date!  It has been amazing with over 200 sign-ups to date, a 3 day Summer Camp for our first summer, the start of our Cheer Programs and some great staff members joining our team!  Thank you all for joining Team ASA and making All-Star Academy your preferred home gym! We are working very hard to make changes and add classes and policies that improve on your experience.  We welcome any questions and concerns that you may have, so please feel free to call anytime so that we can address your needs.

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